1. The review was conducted in a double-blind, peer-reviewed manner, in which the author and reviewer did not know each other; the author does not know who reviewed the article, and vice versa, the reviewer does not know whose article is being reviewed.
  2. Reviewers who are registered at Manna Rafflesia have the right to submit (submit) their articles to Manna Rafflesia for publication. Editors will still adhere to the double-blind peer-reviewer principle so that articles submitted by authors who are registered as reviewers will be submitted to other reviewers.
  3. Editor in Chief is allowed to review according to their area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise.
  4. Reviewers must have experience writing in journals indexed in the Open Journal System (OJS), have a Google scholar account, and, however, reviewers who also have positions as reviewers in OJS indexed journals elsewhere, still, get permission to become reviewers.
  5. One manuscript was reviewed by two reviewers to maintain the objectivity of the quality of the manuscript. The review system is implemented using a two-round pattern, with a different reviewer in each round.
  6. The editor will decide whether the manuscript is accepted or rejected for publication during the pre-review process and/or after receiving the reviewer's recommendation.