A. The meaning of the name "MANNA RAFFLESIA"

1. The term "Manna" refers to the "Bread that God gave in the history of the Israelites in the Old Testament" which theologically in the New Testament refers to Jesus Christ who is the Bread of Life. Thus the meaning of "Manna" in the context of this journal refers to 'spiritual food' which is formulated in the form of theological thought.

2. The term "Rafflesia" refers to the existence of a published journal, namely 'Bumi Rafflesia' in Bengkulu Province.

Thus the meaning of 'Manna Rafflesia' is theological thought that came from Bengkulu Province. In this context, it specifically refers to the Arastamar Bengkulu Theological Seminary.


B. Journal Accreditation

As of December 23, 2020, the Manna Rafflesia Journal was accredited by the Minister of Research & Technology / Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency with Number 200 / M / KPT / 2020. The results of the assessment of the Manna Rafflesia Journal are in 3rd place (SINTA 3). 


C. Change Management System

In this journal's information, it provides three important information about management changes in the management of the Manna Rafflesia Journal, namely: information on changes to the editorial board and information on changes to the layout of the Manna Rafflesia Journal.

1. As of February 21, 2020, there has been a change in the composition of the editorial board of the Manna Rafflesia Journal. The composition of the new editorial board will carry out its duties for 2 years after the decree is issued.

2. As of April 30, 2020, the Manna Rafflesia Journal has made changes to the layout. This change is based on the development of the Journal based on the application of the Open Journal System (OJS) application. Furthermore, this change was made to be able to add important information, namely journal information, namely the history of submitting articles, review of articles, and approval of articles to be published (accepted).

3. As of September 6, 2020, Manna Rafflesia Journal and Manna Rafflesia Journal Manager have membership of the Indonesian Theological Journal Activist (Ind. Penggiat Jurnal Teologi Indonesia / PJTI). PJTI is chaired by Dr. Sonny Eli Zaluchu, M.Th, and Harls Evan Riant Siahaan, M.Th as Secretary. PJTI has obtained the RI Ministry of Law and Human Rights Legal Entity Decree No. AHU-0006014.AH.01.07 Year 2020. Manna Rafflesia Journal has been accepted as a Member of PJTI with Membership Number: 003-PJTI / 9/2020.